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Working Together

Monday, July 7th, 2003

On July 4th, I posted the Declaration of INTERdependence. We follow this morning with the sixth chapter from We Can All Win!  See: 1) Understanding Life, 2) Three Ways of Relating, 3) The Relationship Continuum, 4) Three Classes of Life, 5) Human Neutrality.

INTERdependence is the Human Condition

Timothy Wilken, MD

1 Alfred Korzybski, The Manhood of Humanity, ibid

2 Mohandas K. Gandhi, Young India, March 21, 1929

3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt , Presidential Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933

UnCommon Sense Library


The BasicsWe Can All Win!-PDF

2–Three Ways
3–The Relationship Continuum
4–Three Classes of Life
5–Human Neutrality

The Science — UnCommon Science(PDF)

Intro–Science 2001
1–Knowing 2001
2–A Limit to Knowing
3–Scientific Mistakes
4–What Do We Know

5–Order (PDF)-New

The Present — Crisis: Danger & Opportunity

The Future — A Synergic Future